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luxury vinyl flooring

Adventures in Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Even if your budget is tight, your home remodeling can be an exciting escapade.

Luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) can transport you through a venture of colors, patterns, designs and species, all which mimic tile, stone or hardwood at a fraction of the price.

You might have your heart set on the pricier natural materials, such a hardwood, but LVF can actually be the most preferable option. Not only are they an incredible simulation, but they also have other properties some of the others may not possess, such as the fact that it is the most waterproof.

It’s budget-friendly, but as the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for,” so don’t go for those cheapest bargain-basement varieties.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring: Tile vs. Plank

LVF can either be cut in tile-sized pieces or planks. The image is developed using 3D image technology, and that image is what fashions the distinct designs. You can get typical tile styles such as ceramic, marble or travertine, or you can go for planks that look like oak, maple or cherry. They come with grout, as well as textures to increase their life-like look.

Other Things You Must Know About Luxury Vinyl Flooring

●Thickness matters. Luxury vinyl flooring comes in various thicknesses and, while obviously the thicker is most durable, there will be other factors that come into play in making a decision. For instance, where do you plan to install it? High traffic areas will need more thickness than low traffic ones, such as a bedroom.

●Wear layers are crucial. That’s the top clear plastic layer, and don’t for a moment minimize its importance. You can’t see it, but it is what makes the floor so scratch proof and tough.

●You don’t always need a sub-floor. Sometimes luxury vinyl flooring can be directly installed on a concrete floor, as long as it’s level (and dry!). It can be installed in either a glue-down method, or a floating one, but there are certain requirements, so please check with the experts, don’t try to go it alone.

●It’s comfortable underfoot. It doesn’t get cold, and it’s typically softer than wood or tile. Sometimes it’s even installed with a padded underlayment, and that gives it more cushioning.

●This flooring is good for pets. Just be sure your wear layer is very thick, so it can hold up to pet nails and such.

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