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hardwood flooring

Are all hardwood species the same?

Ever hear of the Janka Scale? It’s a hardness rating tool for hardwood. Each species is assigned a number, and the higher it goes, the tougher the wood.

Hickory, oak and maple are strong, as are others, including the exotics. Your flooring pro can tell you more.

Other questions we hear in the showroom
At Dragon Scale, we hear some of the same questions over and over again in our flooring showroom, and here are our answers.
●“But isn’t it expensive? The initial purchase might cause a little sticker shock, but look at the overall picture. Hardwood floors can last for years and, in fact, often look better with age.
Unless there’s structural damage, such as warping, replacement is almost always not necessary, because a refinishing (either simple, without sanding, or more thorough) usually does the trick.
●“Isn’t hardwood difficult to maintain?” No, this is all you have to do to keep them up:

1.Sweep several times a week, daily if possible, with a soft broom. Dirt can cause scratching, so maybe you want to place some mats or area rugs near entries to avoid the issue entirely.
2.Remove those rotating brushes (often called beater bars) from vacuums before using.
3.Keep flooring away from excess water and humidity, and be sure to wipe spills immediately. Water is the ultimate enemy of hardwood!
4.Avoid high heels.
5.Use pads on furniture feet
6.Be sure to check with your flooring pro about the best way to clean the floor more thoroughly.
●“Don’t they get cold?” Hardwood does tend to be more sensitive to the weather, but if the room is warm, the floor should be as well. If it does feel cold, check windows, or strategically place a couple of area rugs on it; while you’re at it, use the rugs as a design tool, and make your own unique statement. Some people will use some under-the-floor heating units, but please remember that balance is key, so you don’t want to dry it out or create more moisture. Be sure to talk to your flooring expert.

For more answers, feel free to come into the Dragon Scale Flooring showroom in Laurel, MD.