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Are You Wondering Which Floors Are Best if You Have Kids?

It's crazy how much your life changes when children come into it. Really, you have to reexamine almost every aspect of your life and make adjustments, especially when it comes to sleep! Getting your home ready for children is about more than simply locking dangerous cabinets and putting blockers on the outlets. You also have to consider your floors.

Good flooring for homes with children should be as easy to maintain as possible, durable enough to stand up to all that boundless energy, and be as safe as possible for the little ones. With these criteria in mind, here are the three best flooring options for homes with kids:

SmartStrand Carpeting

Surprised to see carpeting on the list? No surprise there, but this isn't your average carpet! SmartStrand™ carpeting uses some incredibly innovative materials technology, to produce a carpet that is softer than almost anything on the market, while still having built in stain-fighting power that doesn't fade with time like other stain-fighting carpets.

This carpet is so insanely impervious to stains and wear, that it can spend weeks at the bottom of a rhino cage and look as good as new when it's simply hosed off with water, at the end of its stay at the zoo. If rhinos can't kill it, you're kids should be no problem!

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

If carpet isn't your thing, and you'd prefer a hard-surface floor, luxury vinyl tile is a clear winner. Unlike many other hard-surface floors like solid or engineered hardwood, luxury vinyl flooring is waterproof and impervious to the warping and damage water causes in many other flooring materials.

Another major mark in the win column for luxury vinyl flooring is the fact that it is easy to maintain, and even has a little more give when it comes to impacts. This means dropped glasses are less likely to break, and your kids will have a bit of a cushion if they happen to fall down. Add all that to the low price, and luxury vinyl flooring is a clear hit with the kids!

Non-Slip Tile

Like vinyl floors, tile isn't susceptible to water damage like some other materials. It's a bit less forgiving on dropped objects, or falling children, but it lasts forever, and it's incredibly easy to maintain. Tile can be a bit slippery, however, so it's important to ask you flooring provider about non-slip options if there are children living in the home.

Want to Learn More?

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