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luxury vinyl flooring

Can I Install Luxury Vinyl Flooring in My Kid’s Bedroom?

 Luxury Vinyl Flooring is such a realistic simulation of hardwood, tile and stone, it is appropriate for any room in the house, including bedrooms, playrooms and kitchens and baths; not to mention laundry and mud rooms.
Now let’s talk about tile form, because with all the colors, shapes and designs, you can mix and match the luxury vinyl tile (or LVT, as it’s sometimes called), and even get a little playful. The retro look is in right now, so use some bright, vivid colors and unique patterns, to create a flooring design that will be the envy of all the kids on the block.
Here’s the Reason Any Room Will Love Luxury Vinyl Flooring
Any vinyl is highly water-resistant, but when it’s luxury, you can count on your flooring being completely waterproof. That’s a great thing, since little fingers are known for spilling, and pets, especially cats, are fascinated by water and love to topple their bowls.
Because water can’t damage it, the flooring can be installed in below grade areas, such as the basement of your home.
It’s very durable, and comes with a clear plastic wear layer that protects the image and also makes it scratch-proof, so bring on those pull-toys, but it’s also tough enough to withstand high traffic, so feel free to use it in your hallway or foyer.
If you decide to use it in some other room, don’t worry about dropping things or dragging chairs; although, like anything else, exercise some caution to keep it looking great. Even though its waterproof, wipes spills and puddles immediately, so water can’t get into the seams and edges.
Other Benefits Include:
1.Easy maintenance: Just sweep or damp mop. For more thorough cleaning, use a manufacturer-approved soap.
2.Easy to install: It installs with either the glue-down method or click and lock. With a few exceptions, it is a “floating” installation, meaning that you can install it over some other flooring.
3.Softness and flexibility: It’s not as hard as some other surfaces, such as tile or hardwood, so you can stand for long periods of time (such as when you’re preparing a meal) without your feet hurting.
Still have questions about luxury vinyl flooring? Feel free to come into the Dragon Scale Flooring showroom in Laurel, MD, and our experts can tell you more.