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Carpet: Five Things You Must Consider When Shopping

Someone used to say, “Great idea, but will it play in Peoria? We didn’t work anywhere near that city.

The point was that something can be wonderful, but maybe not for a specific use. Dragon Scale Flooring wants you to have the best, and most beautiful carpet for your home, something you’ll enjoy for years to come so, when choosing, think about:

● Carpet fiber and style, and the room in which you plan to install it. With such a wide assortment, it’s important to realize that what may be suitable for one room, won’t necessarily work in another.

For example, you probably would want something ultra-soft and plush for your bedroom; after all, your tootsies will thank you when they step into it in the morning. If it’s a home office, however, you need to think about chair wheels and easy mobility, heavy furniture and “zippering,” so you would most likely want a low pile, or even a commercial one.

● Lifestyle: Are you a big family, or do you entertain frequently? Is there heavy foot traffic? Do you have kids or pets? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’d want something ultra-durable and highly stain resistant. Obviously, you’d be able to use something a little less durable if it’s a home with just one or two people.

● Padding: it’s super-important to any carpet installation. You can’t see it, but compare it to driveway asphalt; it’s the foundation! Skimp on the padding and you’ll see bumps, rolls and wrinkles.

● Carpet cleaning: It’s like anything; take care of it and it will look good for years. Don’t let any stains set, and be sure to read your warranty; many manufacturers stipulate professional cleaning at least every 12 to 18 months.

● Professional installation. Don’t try to DIY! Do you know what a knee kicker or carpet stretcher is? How about a tack strip cutter or wall trimmer? Those are just three tools you’d need. No room is a perfect square; there are baseboards and moldings to deal with, and you can end up with it not fitting and “crawling” up the wall. By the way, if you DIY, warranties probably won’t be covered, because most manufacturers stipulate that it must be installed to their specifications.

Come into Dragon Scale Flooring to speak to our experts. Our showroom is in Laurel, MD.