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Carpet in Laurel

Carpet: The best flooring option for seniors

It’s no surprise that as we age, our priorities change. While this applies to such things as food, friends, and pastimes, it also does for the flooring in your home as well. Essentially, as your needs change over the years, perhaps because of mobility issues, your current floors may not provide you with the security and comfort you’re looking for now. When it comes to these two factors – security and comfort – seniors look towards surfacing materials that can give them peace-of-mind. Carpet, by far, is indeed the best choice in this situation.

If you’re considering changing your floors to carpet because of mobility concerns, then you’ll certainly want to learn more about what makes it such a great choice for seniors. In this short post, we’ve covered the basics to give you a clear, detailed picture of why soft surfacing is an excellent flooring alternative.

Secure, slip-resistant

Slipping and tripping is indeed a big concern for seniors. Whether you’re using a cane, walker or have difficulty with balance, carpet offers a secure, slip-resistant surface. Unlike hard surfacing, fibers aren’t slippery. Rather, the friction it creates offers more slide-resistance.

Cushioned landings

While you’re no doubt hoping to prevent a slip or fall, when they do happen, a cushioned landing would lessen the impact and perhaps prevent injuries. Carpeting offers a natural pillow-like surface, with plenty of plush fibers.

Underfoot comfort

It’s secure, it’s cushioned – but is it comfortable underfoot? Yes, if you’ve ever walked on carpeting, then you’re sure to agree that soft surfacing is quite possibly the world’s most comfortable flooring.

Is safety your top priority? If so, then carpet flooring would be the ideal choice for your home. While soft surfacing, in general, is quite similar, a thicker carpet would provide a better cushion in the event of a fall. To help find what soft surfacing would be best for your family, visit our Dragon Scale Flooring in Laurel, MD.