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laminate flooring installation

Do I need an underlayment for my laminate flooring?

And other questions to ask when buying this product.
The short answer is yes, and don’t skimp! An underlayment will make sure the laminate flooring stays dry and moisture-free. You can also get one that adds some with noise elimination, if you’re one who finds laminate a little hollow-sounding when walking on it.
Shopping for a new floor is exciting, but is also exhausting and overwhelming. Dragon Scale Flooring says you can take some of the stress out of it by asking some smart questions.
If you’re thinking of installing laminate floors, this is what you should ask before you hand over your credit card:
●Why should I choose laminate flooring? One of the most popular flooring coverings, this is available with everything from wood-looks to bright, vivid colors and even texturing that can make it look wire-brushed or distressed. It’s also durable, easy to care for, and can even be a good DIY project. (Note: While it can be easy to install and doesn’t need much sub-floor preparation, it does require special tools and skills. If you have even the slightest doubt about your ability, it might be a good idea to hire a professional installer.)
●Will water damage it? While it’s water-resistant, it’s not waterproof, so wipe liquid spills immediately and never let it stand in little water puddles that might be caused by leaks or floods.
●How much sub-floor preparation does it require? Not much. It’s a floating installation which means that, with a few exceptions, you can install it right over something else, like concrete or wood. You do need to sweep the sub-floor thoroughly to make sure it doesn’t have bumps or cracks. Be sure, also, that the floor is dry, especially if you’re installing it over concrete which can be a little damp.
●I don’t need to worry about acclimating laminate, do I? Yes, you do! Always, and it doesn’t matter that it’s not hardwood. It also doesn’t matter if the contractor says it’s not needed, because it is.
This product is made from materials that can change in hot or cold weather. Leave it in opened boxes for at least 48 hours to let it adjust before you install. Here’s the best reason of all to do it: Many manufacturers have clauses in their warranty stating that you must do this; otherwise, the warranty can be void.
●Is this a good flooring a good option for my kids’ bedrooms? Yes, because it is durable and scratch-resistant. Keep in mind, however, that it isn’t completely waterproof, so best not to let them bring liquid into the room, and watch the wet towels after they’ve gone swimming.
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