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wood look laminate flooring

Five advantages of wood-look laminate

Like anything, all flooring has its own set of pros and cons, and one disadvantage might be a high price, but laminate can look just like hardwood, and be the jewel in your home’s crown just as much as the real deal.
Here’s why:
1.Durability. Laminate is made from pressed wood which can have better scratch resistance than wood. On top is a clear plastic wear layer that makes it virtually impossible to harm the photographic image.
2.Moisture-resistance. Hardwood has limited versatility in installation because it can be damaged by water and humidity. While you certainly can’t submerge laminate in water, you can install it in semi-moist areas like the powder room and kitchen. As long as the boards are installed very closely together, it will be able to stand up to some moisture.
It might be a good idea to install a vapor barrier first, your flooring expert can tell you more. You can install it in basements, a definite no-no for wood, but you’ll most likely need to lay a sub-floor first; again, speak to your flooring pro.
3.Design. Better photography and improved texturing are just two improvements to the appearance of laminate flooring, and it’s available in a large assortment of colors and species. Manufacturers are working hard every day to find even more improvements, so it can enjoy the same kind of cachet as hardwood.
This may come as a flooring surprise, but nature can produce a lot of less-than-perfect pieces, whether it’s wood or stone. Sometimes they even need to be thrown out. If consistency is important to you, know that every single laminate board will have the same quality and appearance.
One word of caution: Don’t fall for those bargain basement prices or sales gimmicks, because corners will be cut somewhere and that will affect both appearance and quality, and be sure to read the fine print on “promotions.”
4. Easy installation. It’s a floating installation, which means it can be installed over the existing floor with either a glue-down or click-and-lock method.
5. Effortless maintenance. Just sweep with a soft broom and, for a more thorough cleaning, use a mop dampened with a manufacturer-approved soap.
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