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luxury vinyl flooring

Five reasons to love luxury vinyl flooring

Now this is luxury! A vinyl that mimics hardwood, ceramic tile or stone (marble and granite and more) flooring, with an incredibly realistic photographic layer that has superior depth.

You can even get with textures that give it a wire-brushed or distressed look, and although it is available in sheet flooring, you can also get it cut into planks or tile-sized pieces.

That’s a pretty good deal, especially for those who want the real thing, but just don’t have the budget.
Here’s what it is:

With this, thicker is better. Some of the best ones have five layers:
●A coating, which repels bacteria and prevents fading
●Clear plastic wear layer which protects the image
●Photographic layer of tile, natural stone of wood
●Ultra-strong and completely waterproof core, made of heavy duty vinyl
●Backing, which keeps it all even and solid

We’ll say it! Never fall for those ultra-cheap, bargain-basement brands, because something is sure to suffer (like the photographic image), and it will surely be too thin or lack backing.

Why luxury vinyl flooring will be around for a long time
1.Style: You have a wide assortment of wood species, patterns, designs and colors with textures and a depth that can make it look even more realistic.
2.It is ultra-strong, waterproof, scratch and stain resistant, and requires little or no maintenance.

In fact, it’s one of the most recommended materials if you have kids, so bring on those pull-toys, wheelies and markers. It’s the look of luxury, but vinyl is the tough cookie of flooring.

Thanks to that protective wear layer, it won’t fade, dull, and you won’t be able to “walk off the image.”
3.Budget-friendly: Need we say more?
4.Easy to install: This can easily be a DIY project, because it’s a floating installation (meaning that, with a few exceptions, you can install it right over the existing floor without pulling anything up), and the pieces just click and lock together.
5.It’s a little more flexible and softer than some hard surfaces, especially when there’s the backing. That makes it easier to stand on, and if you have a senior pet, he or she will really appreciate it!

For inspiration, come into the Dragon Scale Flooring showroom in Laurel, MD, and speak to one of our experts.