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Four tips to protect your floors on moving day

As a valuable asset to your home, don’t neglect your hardwood floors come moving day. Whether they were one of the reasons why you purchased your new house, or a new addition you installed before moving day, your hardwood planks may be tough, but they certainly can’t withstand a dropped appliance, sharp-edged tool or dragging metal object. Keep your floors looking fantastic by sticking to the following 4 tips on moving day.

1 – Use covers to protect your floors
Before moving day arrives, lay out covers to protect your hardwood from scratches and dents. We suggest you use adhesive, non-slip, shock-absorbent sheets made of plastic. These covers can be cut into any shape or size, giving you the ability to have a made-to-measure option.

2 – Avoid dragging your belongings
Never drag anything, even if you’re convinced it won’t cause any damage, across your hardwood. Truthfully, this should be the case in any home, regardless of what type of flooring you have installed. Instead, ask for assistance to lift and carry heavier boxes, or use dollies with rubber wheels to transfer larger loads on your own. As a side note, it’s always a smart move to add felt pads to the bottom and legs of furniture to prevent scratching or denting.

3 – Plan ahead when the weather is bad
Take extra precautions when the weather is bad to avoid tracking mud or water into your home. Not only will this create a mess, but it also produces a dangerous environment that could cause slippage. Install a big, heavy-duty mat so movers can wipe off shoes, or purchase a box of slip-on booties that are disposable.

4 – Measure doorways and rooms to thwart problems
Measure doorways and rooms in your new home before move-in day, so you don’t run the risk of arguing with your furniture, and indirectly causing flooring damage. Large items like couches, entertainment centers, and appliances can cause big problems on moving day when they don’t fit into your new place. And while you’re desperately trying to shove that overly-large item into a space that’s simply too small, you may end up inadvertently scratching your flooring.

Need new hardwood floors, or have questions about protecting your pre-existing planks? Give us a call at Dragon Scale Flooring, or drop by our Laurel, MD showroom, to chat with our on-site professionals.