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Get the right carpet color for your home makeover

In a home makeover, every element plays a role in the final outcome. Having said that, your floors play a major role in the appearance of a room. In essence, carpet is much like a blank canvas, if you will. While the décor, accent pieces, light fixtures, and curtains will make a vital contribution, none do as much as your flooring. At Dragon Scale Flooring, our on-site professionals are well-aware of this key feature, and as such, invite you to come into our Laurel, MD showroom, to check out our great sample selection. In the meantime, here’s some tried-and-true advice from our experts to help you better understand what type and color of carpets would best suit your home.

Color: What determines a room’s appeal
As carpet spans the entirety of your space, it will influence a room greatly. Because of this, you’ll need to pay close attention to what color you select for your makeover. Do you want the flooring to blend into the background discretely, or stand out as an eye-catching design element? Once you figure this out, then you’ll be able to pick something that’s appropriate. Carpets can help you say what you want to say, be it to make an impact, or create a canvas for other design elements.

Modern fibers, modern technology
Nowadays, there are several wonderful factors to consider before deciding upon which soft surfacing you prefer. Modern technology has come a very long way since the days of bright, orange shag wall-to-wall was in style. Because of advancements in the industry, which has incorporated stain and soil resistant protection in the fibers, there’s no longer the need to second guess the desire to choose an all-white installation. In the end, it means the sky’s the limit in terms of color options.

The role of lighting in a space
Did you know that lighting also has a starring role in your surfacing choice? Indeed, it plays a big role when it comes to the appearance of the carpeting, and we’re talking about both natural and fixture lighting. As such, we highly recommend bringing home a sample piece of your preferred colors and types, to better see what they look like in your home in all lighting conditions.