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hardwood flooring

Hardwood Flooring is an Excellent Choice for Your Home

Have you found yourself staring longingly at solid hardwood floors? If so, you’re in good company, as a majority of homeowners say they prefer these floors. There are many reasons for this preference, including the elegance they add to any room, the amazing lifespan they offer and the durability that goes along with them. Yes, wood flooring is one that will probably never truly go out of style.

Dragon Scale Flooring is proud to put our 40+ years of flooring experience to work for our customers. Pairing our knowledge and expertise in the flooring industry with your needs and desires for a floor covering can bring you the floor you’ve always dreamed of and more. To get that process started for your own home, we invite you to visit us at our Laurel, MD showroom at your convenience. Our flooring specialists will be standing by to help you find exactly what you’re looking for in a floor covering.

What You Might Not Know About Hardwood Flooring

When it comes to hardwood flooring, you have two major options. One is solid wood, which offers you the longest lifespan available in a wood floor. In fact, if you’ve ever been inside a historical home, odds are you walked on wood flooring that was well over one hundred years old. With proper care and maintenance that is still a perfectly feasible lifespan for this floor covering.

The other option is engineered flooring. Since solid hardwood can never be installed in below grade spaces, engineered wood can help to maintain the continuity of the look you want throughout your entire home. Since it doesn’t react to temperature changes, humidity or moisture in the way that the solid variety does, it works far better in areas such as basements and still offers the timeless look of solid wood.

Both types of flooring can be refinished. Solid wood can be refinished several times over its lifespan, while engineered can only be refinished once or twice, depending on the thickness of the wood veneer. In both instances, refinishing brings your floors back to the like-new finish you fell in love with from the beginning. What’s more, it can save you a great deal of money over the entirety of its life span, as refinishing costs less than installing brand new flooring.