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hardwood flooring

Have You Considered Hardwood Flooring?

Most homeowners consider hardwood flooring for their homes at some point. You may have seen something in a decor magazine, or visited a friend’s home and seen something that simply left you breathless. Well, that’s just what happens when you experience these floors, especially if it’s the first time. They speak volumes with their timeless elegance, deep hues, and promised longevity, and leaving you longing to know if they’re right for you too.

The good news is, these floors can work for everyone. While they can never be installed in below-ground spaces such as basements, or anywhere that water could pose a potential hazard, other spaces are very welcoming for them. In fact, you could easily install hardwood floors throughout your home, especially in bedrooms, living rooms, and studies.

For spaces where solid wood isn’t an option, you should ask your Dragon Scale Flooring sales professional about engineered flooring. It works in many places where the solid variety does not, looks just as good while providing different benefits, and can even be refinished a time or two before needing to be replaced. This can provide the continuity you need for a whole-home look.

Refinishing is one of the things that cause these floors to reach their full lifespan potential, as it strips away years of wear, leaving you with a like-new look, all over again. During the refinishing process, if you’d like to change stain colors or finish options, you’re free to do so with ease. Whether you’re just looking for something a little different, or whether you want to match a brand new style trend, a different color can sometimes be just the change you need for a whole new appearance.

If you’re just having hardwood floors installed for the first time, be sure to speak with your flooring specialist about the necessity of a professional installation. Professional installers are sure to have the special tools, and especially the level of experience it takes to give you a successful flooring install. Novice or DIY installations can quickly go wrong, and send you reeling past your intended budget. To avoid any such thing from happening, it’s always best to choose professional installers, like the ones you’ll find at Dragon Scale Floors in Laurel, MD.