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hardwood flooring installation

How to boost the lifespan of your hardwood flooring installation

Timeless and classic, your hardwood flooring installation is indeed one of the oldest most trusted surfacing materials on the market. For countless generations, people have chosen this stylish, sleek material, and for good reason. And, while it is pleasing to the eye and uncommonly durable, there are indeed several factors to consider ensuring your hardwood maintains its sheen, luster, and unique flair.
Proper installation
Proper, professional installation of your hardwood floors is of utmost importance. In fact, if you skip this step, then your planks are sure to deteriorate quickly. Additionally, the warranty is usually void if experts aren’t used for the installation. Since excessive moisture, light, and heat can damage planks, it’s best to consider the use and function of the room you want to install hardwood in first.
Regular maintenance
While it does require relatively low maintenance, hardwood still needs a certain amount of upkeep to preserve its appearance and extend its lifespan. Typically, planks only need daily sweeping or a pass with the dry mop. Also, weekly damp mopping ensures the hardwood is clean and removes potential stain-causing substances. As you can imagine, the more attention you give to upkeep, the better it looks – and longer it lasts.
Keep your hardwood looking great with the following tips
Stick to the following tips to keep your hardwood in tip-top shape:
•Use mats and rugs to entryways and high-traffic places
•Dry-up water mishaps quickly
•Sweep hardwood daily, mop once a week
•Remove residue on planks with a no-wax cleaner
•Do not use wood polish on your floors – that’s a hazard!
•Use the proper cleaning agents and equipment for upkeep to reduce the risk of damage
Hardwood refinishing
Occasionally, you may want to think about refinishing your floor. However, you shouldn’t need to do so more than once every 5-10 years. And, even then, only where your planks have unsightly dings or dents, or when it has lost its original sheen.
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