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luxury vinyl flooring

Increase the Asking Price on Your Home with Luxury Vinyl Flooring

At Dragon Scale Flooring, our Laurel, MD showroom professionals answer a ton of questions, but by far, the top question we get is, how can I increase the value of my property before a sale? With a long list of possible material options on the market today, it's hard to narrow down your choices, without informed expertise. While many people believe the only way to add a substantial amount to their asking price is by installing hardwood, the truth is, it's not true!

Read on and learn about the advantages of choosing luxury vinyl flooring for your upcoming renovations, and positively wow the potential home buyers that pass through your front door.

Modern Manufacturing Innovations
Thanks to modern manufacturing innovations, synthetic materials like luxury vinyl flooring can seem to be something straight out of futuristic magazines. With these boundary-pushing, ultra-revolutionary alternatives, homeowners now have a way of updating their homes that gives it a unique, eye-catching appeal. What's more, high-tech manufacturing also allows homeowners the chance to purchase high-quality surfacing that already has several protective layers, straight from the box.

Same Look, Much Lower Cost
Now, while we won't get into the specifics about pricing, we will address the glaring fact that luxury vinyl flooring affords the opportunity of attaining that wood look, without the substantial price tag. The reality is, not everyone can afford wood planks, let alone exotic wood species. Yet, it's a style that many folks love, and with good reason; it's classically stunning. So, imagine how amazing it is to be able to get that same design, but for a much less jaw-dropping cost.

Higher Scratch Resistance
Hand in hand with modern manufacturing innovations, luxury vinyl flooring is produced with a great many added benefits, one of which is higher scratch resistance. Why are we singling this feature out, you may be wondering? Well, that's because, when compared to other hard surfacing alternatives, luxury vinyl plank greatly surpasses all other options. In busy households that have young children and messy pets, this aspect is essential. Suddenly, you have a material that's not only naturally, straight-out-of-the-box scratch resistant, but it's also tougher than most other choices out there. Now, isn't that fantastic?!