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laminate flooring

Laminate: 5 Reasons it’s Perfect for Kids’ Rooms

When it comes to the kiddos, nothing beats laminate flooring, because it:

Offers “stylish savings,” what with all the colors, textures and styles. It’s just nothing like the flooring we remember from years ago. 

Is durable. We dare you to use pull toys, or let the kiddoes drag those little tables and chairs and toy cars across the floor. Nothing fazes it, and that’s because of that protective wear layer. It just doesn’t scratch easily. It’s also highly stain resistant so crayons, markers and even lipstick, come up with no worries. 

Has easy clean-ability: We know kids are fascinated by grown-up things, including mommy’s lipstick. They might even polish their nails. There’s virtually nothing that can’t easily be wiped up; just use a damp cloth and a little nail polish remover and voila! And heels are no problem, because of that highly protective wear layer.

Usually doesn’t need “entire floor replacement.” With laminate, if there’s a part of the flooring that just must be replaced, you can just do that section, no need to pull up the entire floor.
Is environmentally-friendly, something on which laminate isn’t always automatically thought of, but it’s usually made with natural things like linseed oil. That makes it biodegradable, and the dust mites have no place to hide, so it’s easy to sweep them away. This is a very important point, because it seems these days, most kids do have allergies.

Dragon Scale Flooring Answers Two Big Questions About Laminate

We hear most often:

Will this flooring make my kid have a hard fall?
Is it noisy?

The answer is no to both, and it’s in the form of one word: Underlayment. The underlayment will provide cushioning and flexibility, so that takes care of the question about hard falls.

With noise, all you need to do is break up the sound waves. Underlayment does that beautifully, but you might want to add a few other fabrics, like wall hangings, or upholstery to keep it even quieter.

Still have questions? Come into the Dragon Scale Flooring showroom in Laurel, MD, and our pros will tell you more.