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Laminate Remains a Viable Flooring Option

Laminate Remains a Viable Flooring Option

Laminate flooring has been around for a good while, making its debut in the early 90’s as the first wood-look hard surface floor covering. Since then, there have been many improvements to this material, enhancing looks, performance, durability and lifespan for a product that homeowners continue to love. Water resistance has also been added, which makes it a viable candidate for areas of the home it was banned from previously, which has only added to the popularity of the product.

Dragon Scale Flooring knows that your floors are one of the most important factors in your home. It’s easy to put it in the back of your mind on a day to day basis, but the fact is, it is the most-used surface in your home. We want to put over forty years of experience to work for you in helping you find the perfect floor covering for your home. We invite you to visit our showroom in Laurel, MD, where a flooring specialist can help you find the perfect floor covering for your home.

Why Choose Laminate?

Most homeowners choose laminate flooring for the amazing way the material mimics natural hardwood floors. From the species likeness to the stain color, you’ll think you’re walking on the real thing from the moment you set foot on it. Furthermore, you’ll notice intricate graining and finishes such as distressed, vintage and hand scraped, without the maintenance and extra care you might have to give hardwood flooring.

At the same time, underlayments can be installed underneath the laminate for a much softer footfall and a warmer surface area in chilly weather. You can specify which type of underlayment you’d like and how thick you’d like it to be, depending on your desire for softness and resilience. In some cases, it even helps to absorb some of the noise throughout your home, making for a quieter setting throughout.

Durability is always a factor for the discerning homeowner, and you’ll find it in this floor covering. Thanks to the protective top layer, scratches, dings and scuffs can often be avoided for years to come and everyday wear and tear doesn’t leave such an impression. It’s also very stable and can be installed quickly and easily over a variety of sub-floors.