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luxury vinyl flooring

Let’s have a serious talk about luxury vinyl flooring

OK, folks, it’s time we have a serious talk about luxury vinyl flooring (LVP). Why is it still getting a bad rap? The main reason is, homeowners repeatedly associate it with that old, ugly sheeting from their childhood. But, you know what? This modern-day surfacing is truly anything but boring. It’s come a long way from cheap, and it’s come an even longer way from ugly. So, today, our Dragon Scale Flooring Laurel, MD showroom experts, are going to address this matter. And, by the end of this article, you’re sure to look at this hard surfacing in a whole new light!
There have been numerous dramatic advancements in the field of LVP manufacturing over the past few years. With modern printing capabilities, you’ll have a hard time telling LVP apart from other genuine materials. Available in a wide assortment of look-alike options, these simulations look remarkably similar to marble, slate, stone, or wood, for instance.
If you have a busy household with pets and kids, then you’re no doubt in search of surfacing that’s exceptionally durable. While you may need to be careful with some natural materials, you won’t have to worry about LVP, because it’s tough, stain resistant, water resistant, and ideal for high traffic spaces.
Various slat and plank sizes
Gone are the days where you’re forced to purchase a giant roll of sheeting. Now, LVP comes in various slat and plank sizes, not to mention a vast selection of widths as well. You can also get luxury vinyl flooring in tile shaped pieces, instead of having to cut them down to the size you prefer.
By far, LVP is one of the most cost-efficient surfacing materials. Perhaps, this makes you wonder if it’s worthwhile, but the truth is, it’s simply an affordable option, not a “cheap” one, per say. The price and quality, however, does go according to thickness. Typically, the thicker the LVP, the better the quality, and the slightly higher the cost.