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hardwood flooring

Living Large With Stylish, Versatile Hardwood

From stunning contemporary to minimalist modern to rustic chic, hardwood provides you with a veritable plethora of design possibilities. At Dragon Scale Flooring, our Laurel, MD showroom experts answer tons of questions about different kinds of flooring, but the vast majority of our clients inquire about hardwood. Why is that, you may wonder? Well, truthfully, this type of hard surfacing offers many wonderful advantages, as it is able to appeal to a great many styles. In essence, hardwood is a superstar in the world of flooring, providing planks that are elegant, versatile, easy to clean, and unique.
Let’s Talk About Solid and Engineered Hardwood Flooring
Why should you choose these planks for your home renovation? Well, there are too many reasons to name, but let’s focus on these favorite features:
Timeless Quality
When you compare modern-day planks to ones that were manufactured decades ago, you’ll see one common quality that’s hard to beat: Timelessness. What in the world is timelessness, you may be asking yourself? Well, it’s a quality that’s hard to come by, actually, as it means the planks aren’t tied into a particular era. As such, you can say that hardwood doesn’t ever have the appearance of being dated or out-of-style.
Durable: Built Tough!
One incredibly impressive quality about these hard surfacing planks is in their natural composition. For this, we can thank Mother Nature, because she’s truly one amazing engineer! Down to their very core, hardwood is incredibly durable, built tough, and capable of withstanding bust households when in the form of slats. Also, this is apparent when you walk into homes that are over a hundred years old, and see the impressive condition of their planks.
Endless Design Possibilities
Finally, since there are so many different species of trees all over the world, hard surfacing come in endless design possibilities. Red Alder, black Cherry, Tigerwood, Tulipwood, Ash, Maple, Red Oak; the list goes on and on. And while the more exotic, high-end varieties often come at a steep price, there’s a vast assortment of domestic options that are equally impressive, and just as hard-wearing. So, if you’re looking for something unique and truly out-of-the-box, you simply cannot beat hardwood.