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Luxury Vinyl Flooring for an Ultra Modern Home

For just a moment, imagine this: As you walk across the stylish floors of a Northern European beach house, your bare feet feel the luxurious, hand-scraped walnut planks with every stride. In that image, it is the essence of ultra sleek, ultra modern that really comes through, an aesthetic beauty that seems to only exist within the cultured, glossy pages of designer catalogs. While such lavish beauty seems out of reach, in truth, it's closer than you think. And thanks to luxury vinyl flooring (LVF), you can have that irresistible European modernism that some people only dream of. 

At Dragon Scale Flooring, our Laurel, MD showroom pros, know exactly what it takes to achieve that contemporary look for your home. So, if you're curious about LVF, you'll certainly want to read this informative article about this surfacing’s many advantages.

Get that Pricy Look with This Cost-Effective Alternative
Sure, exotic hardwood species like Brazilian Cherry and Australian Cypress would turn your humble house into a drop-dead-gorgeous showstopper, but not everyone has that type of cash on hand for their renovation. Instead of handing over a chunk of next year's salary, consider a cost-effective alternative that's equally eye-catching. With luxury vinyl flooring, you can get that exotic species style at a fraction of the cost. That means you won't have to take out a loan at the bank, just for your upcoming surfacing redo.

Skip the High Maintenance Woes
Easy upkeep and low maintenance, that's two features luxury vinyl flooring is known for. Couple these with the fact that LVF isn't susceptible to temperature changes and humidity levels, environmental constraints that limit hardwood, and you'll be wondering why you didn't think of such a wonderful surfacing material before. When you already have so many things on your mind with a busy household, do you really want to add more stress to your life worrying about indoor temperature and humidity?

Uniquely Dynamic for Modern Homes
In a sense, you can say LVF is a dramatic surfacing material. As it is manufactured in various plank lengths and widths, luxury vinyl flooring offers style options that other surfacing materials cannot. In the end, LVF goes beyond typical designs, extending well beyond the boundary of modern-day surfacing. Simply put: if you have a unique idea in your mind to display your own personal style, LVF can easily recreate that picture.