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laminate flooring installation

New floors on the horizon? Try Laminate!

If you are currently in the process of investigating flooring materials for your next big project, we would like to draw your attention to an often overlooked material with some pretty heavy-hitting benefits. We're talking about laminate flooring, and if you aren't familiar with this material, you're definitely going to want to read on!

What's so great about laminate? Here's what you need to know!

Unbeatable durability

The high level of durability is easily one of the most attractive features of laminate flooring for most homeowners, because flooring replacement is such an expensive hassle when it needs to get done. The longer your floors last, the less you have to pay for materials and installation in the long run. It's as simple as that.

The secret to laminates durability lies in the aluminum-oxide-infused wear layer. This extremely hard, durable layer sloughs off sharp impacts and long-term damage of foot traffic, in ways that few other flooring materials can boast. Over all, it's a sound investment from a longevity standpoint.

Easy Affordability

Hardwood flooring and tile are beautiful flooring options, but they cost dearly. One of the best features of laminate flooring is its ability to mimic the look and feel of these materials, while eliminating the sticker shock that comes with them.

This affordability not only allows you to have the look and feel of more expensive materials, but also helps to free up money for other home improvement projects that would otherwise be out of reach, if you bought more expensive flooring!

Have we got your attention yet?

If you think it might be time to renovate your floors, and you like the sound of laminate, Dragon Scale Flooring would love to help you sketch out the details. Obviously, there is more to laminate flooring than the qualities outlined above, but the best way to find out more is to talk to an expert in person!
It's the best way to get the info you need to make a fully informed decision about your big project.

If you'd like to arrange for a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate, simply contact our Laurel, MD showroom to get started!