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hardwood flooring installation

Oiled hardwood: the new way to enjoy your wood floors?

Solid hardwood has a “wow” factor that cannot be denied. It can instantly transform the ambiance of your home and enhance the decor of any room. While varnished wood flooring is still popular because of how it stands up to wear, oiled hardwood flooring is gaining ground. A well-cared-for and meticulously maintained wood floor will retains a rich and a classy appeal for decades and is reminiscent of grand homes boasting beautiful architecture. At Dragon Scale Flooring, Laurel, MD, our knowledgeable staff will answer your questions about hardwood floor coverings and suggest options that can transform even the humblest of rooms.
Naturally beautiful
Oiled hardwood results in a more natural finish, different from the shiny look of traditionally varnished wood. Since oil penetrates deep into the pores of the wood, it enhances the natural grain while providing long-lasting protection. Whether you opt for a light or dark-colored floor, you’ll be giving your home the benefit of a modern and overall beautiful look.
Environmentally responsible
If sustainability is near and dear to you, then choosing sustainably harvested hardwood is a great choice. The oils used to treat the hardwood can be plant-derived and therefore enviro-friendly compared to varnishes. We also have other eco-friendly alternatives if you’re considering other options. Our showroom pros will be pleased to discuss all our sustainable products with you.
Easy to maintain
On a daily basis, sweeping and vacuuming are easy ways to keep your floors looking great. Mopping up spills and dealing with any stains promptly, with wood appropriate cleaning products, will ensure that your hardwood flooring retains it beauty and protection long term. If you feel a little extra care is needed in a spot or small area, you can apply some oil with a clean rag or sponge. For any small nicks or scratches that can occasionally occur, especially if you have pets or young children, use a finished oil pencil or wax crayon to easily cover up the mark.
At Dragon Scale Flooring, Laurel, MD, our pros will respect your preferences while tailoring a flooring solution plan that’s perfect for your lifestyle.