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Should I install carpet in my home office?

Should I install carpet in my home office?

Each room has different priorities and needs. For example, comfort is needed for the bedroom so you want something plush, fluffy and warm. Safety and durability is the main concern for stairs; it has to fit around railings and treads and must create a solid foundation for footing, so you'd go with a low pile in this area.

For the home office, it's easy mobility that's desired. There are office chairs with wheels; they will get stuck in long fibers. You might even have heavy furniture, such as armoires or bookcases, to move. A low pile is best for this room.

While many do have hard surface floors in their workspace, we prefer carpet because of the traction. You want to move easily, but not so much that the chair can seem to fly across the room, making it sometimes feel as though the chair is being pulled out from under you. If you prefer a hard surface, especially wood floors, be sure to use protective pads on the furniture feet to prevent scratching.

Home office tips

  • One of the perks of working from home is the lack of dress code and you'll probably be in bare feet a lot; carpet is comfortable, so don't forget about padding. It not only protects the rug, but it also gives it that "springy" feeling.
  • Keep the room neat, clean, and attractive. Dust often, add some personal touches such as photographs or favorite books; pops of color; and keep that carpet clean! Invest in professional cleaning every 12 to 18 months to keep it in good shape so that stains don't set.
  • Create a comfortable area. What? Aren't we talking about a workspace? Yes, you have an active area with computer, printer, and desk, but you also need a place to read and think, so set aside an area to do that, even if it's only a favorite chair. 

If you have clients visit, be sure the spaces are separated so it doesn't look like just a place to nap. You can either layer an area rug over the carpet to delineate the space, or even use a bookcase with large, open shelves so natural light passes through.

For more inspiration, come into the Dragon Scale Flooring showroom in Laurel, MD.