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carpet installation

Should I use the same carpet all throughout my house?

No, because every area has different priorities. A carpet may be appropriate for one room, but not necessarily for another.
Just be sure they all coordinate somehow; otherwise, your house will be a confusing mixture of flooring!
Here are some of the different uses of carpet:
●Stairway: The priorities are both safety and durability, since it will be the most heavily trafficked area in the house. Berber is a good choice.
The pile should be low and dense; even though many think thickness is a sign of quality, that’s not necessarily so. It’s the density, how closely the fibers are woven together, that count.
If it’s too thick, the carpet will also create a lot of safety issues. It has to wrap around the front edge of the stair, but if it’s too bushy, it’ll create a sort of “ramp” without any kind of foundation for your foot, and you can slip and fall.
It should also be soil, not stain, resistant. While stairs won’t experience many, if any spills, you can track in dirt and oils (especially if you have pets) which will get trapped in the fibers.
●The living room: Style is a big priority, because the living room can be the center of your social scene. It can also be a high traffic area, so durability, easy maintenance, construction are also important.
Some people have a second room they use just for family. These rooms take a lot of punishment, so you want something extremely durable to stand up to the wear and tear.
Some of the most popular fibers for the family room are nylon, polyester, olefin and Triexta (a newcomer to the market).
●Home office: A recent study by Swiss research firm, IWG, found that 70% of people globally work at home at least one day a week, while 53% work at home at least half a week. That number keeps going up, and it means more and more will have home offices with heavy furniture and chairs with wheels. Carpet is a great noise insulator and that makes it a popular choice for the home office, but it needs to be a rug with a low pile, such as a Berber, to make movement easier.
●Bedroom: Isn’t it nice for tootsies to touch down first thing in the morning on something soft and cushiony? Good choices are Saxony, Shag (new technology has created a big color palette, so no more of those brown, olives and golds!), and anything that's plush and high pile.
For more information, feel free to come into the Dragon Scale Flooring showroom in Laurel, MD.