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The 5 Top Benefits of Solid Wood Flooring

Whether you're looking to redo your living room, update your kitchen, or revamp your entryway, you simply can't go wrong with hardwood floors. Attractive, durable, and incredibly reliable, not to mention, easy to maintain, solid planks have been the go-to hard surfacing for generations. And really, it's no surprise, as hardwood is truly a unique, eye-catching, show-stopping surfacing that not only stands out from other options, but also withstands the test of time. At Dragon Scale Flooring, our Laurel, MD showroom pros have come up with these top 5 benefits of hardwood to explain their timeless advantages. So, if you're in search of new surfacing, you'll want to read on:

1) Easy to Clean and Maintain

As it doesn't accumulate a lot of debris, dust, and dirt, wood planks are super easy to clean and maintain. Once a week, all you'll need to do is a simple sweep and mop, and that's it!

2) Timeless, Classic Appearance

Aside from its high-end, otherworldly aesthetic, wood provides beauty and warmth, along with an excellent return on investment, all of which never go out of style. As well, they create a vast spaciousness no matter where they're installed in your home.

3) Durability and Strength

With high standards of craftsmanship and installation, it's no wonder why these kiln-dried wood slats are extremely durable and last for centuries. Strength-wise, hardwood easily withstands high traffic areas, as it is hard-wearing and tough.

4) Investment That Increases Home Value

When you opt for wood, you're selecting a material that is a wonderful long-term investment, and one that also increases the resale value of your home. Actually, you may even be surprised at how it brings in a higher resale price, and enables a faster sale altogether.

5) Ageless Quality

As time goes by, your hard surfacing maintains their beauty and becomes more valuable. When other materials break down and lose their luster, your wood won't. And, if you ever tire of the color, or are in dire need of an update, you can have your planks refinished in no time!