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carpet installation

The Amazing Benefits of Soft Surface Flooring

Every homeowner should be able to experience the benefits that go hand in hand with carpet. It’s the only available soft surface flooring and thanks to new technology and manufacturing techniques, it only gets better with age. Many of the things that caused consumers to avoid this particular floor covering years ago are no longer an issue. Once you hear some of the benefits this material has to offer, you may find the floor of your dreams.

Dragon Scale Flooring has been in business for several years, but has over forty years of actual experience in the flooring industry. This family operated, veteran owned business places customer satisfaction as our number one priority and you’ll see that for yourself as soon as you walk into our showroom, located in Laurel, MD. We invite you to visit us soon and allow us to help you find the floor covering that meets both your needs as well as your preferences for the perfect floor.

Carpet Works Well Throughout the Home

Carpet is one of those floor coverings that works very well when installed wall-to-wall. It maintains the continuity of the room, and when placed throughout the home, it creates a feel that is hard to replicate any other way. It works best in rooms such as bedrooms, living areas, hallways and closets and can be matched closely to a wide array of decor options.

It’s important to find out which fiber type will best suit your specific needs. While you might fall in love with a high, plush carpeting, it might not be the wisest choice if your home has extremely high traffic levels. Still, there is always a good fit when it comes to this floor covering, and our flooring specialists will be happy to help you find it.

In addition to fiber type, you might also benefit from a carpet with stain protection built right into the fibers themselves. Some manufacturers even offer protection against tough pet stains and odors as well. Hypoallergenic fibers are also available, which is great news for the allergy sufferer in your home. If you have any other special needs, we can help you find the flooring that will work best in your situation.

We do advise that you only use a professional installation team for your carpet installation. This material is not one that works well in DIY situations.