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Three reasons to choose carpet even if you have allergies

At Dragon Scale Flooring, our Laurel, MD showroom professionals often hear how homeowners don’t want carpet in their home because of allergies or asthma. Yet, while that might have been true decades ago with older versions of soft surfacing, we’re going to address this grave misconception today.

The fact of the matter is, modern times call for modern manufacturing capabilities. That means whatever was made in the past is no longer being made now. Old-style carpets didn’t have built-in protective treatments, some of which both repel allergens and make cleaning up so much simpler. Forget the past!  Let’s get into the here-and-now by getting to know a bit more about modern soft surfacing. Here are 3 reasons why you should choose carpet, even if you have allergies or asthma.

1 – Protective coating

The truth is, you simply can’t compare old-style fibers to what we have in-store nowadays. That’s because they’re just so vastly different, it’s like comparing apples to oranges. Back in the day, soft surfacing was simply fibers without any protective coating, nothing whatsoever! Essentially, whatever dropped on the surfacing was promptly absorbed into its layers. However, now we have what’s clearly a modern manufacturing marvel, as protective coatings are added directly to the fibers. As such, you won’t be walking on a huge, filthy sponge like decades ago. Instead, those fibers are high-tech, and protected against dust, dirt, liquids, and grime being absorbed.

2 – Fibers: the best way to trap toxins!

Now that carpet is manufactured with protective coatings, soft surfacing has the means to entrap toxins, allergens, and bacteria. No, they won’t be absorbed into the fibers. Rather, what happens is they’re kept out of the indoor environment,  keeping the air nice and clean, until it’s time to professionally clean and remove them from the fibers. If you have breathing issues, feel free to thank your carpets for being such an amazing flooring option!

3 – Easy cleaning means easy breathing

Combined with the fact that your soft surfacing has protective coatings and is capable of entrapping all kinds of airborne nasties, this also means it’s easy to clean. Gone are the days of scrubbing the fibers with the futile hope of deep cleaning them. Yes, we’ve certainly come a long way! Now, it’s ridiculously simple to clean fibers, as well as it being very effective. Regular vacuuming with a machine that uses a HEPA filter and seasonally scheduled steam cleaning is all it takes to keep carpets clean, and your allergies at bay.