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laminate flooring

Three reasons to consider laminate for your next flooring project

One of the hardest parts of putting new floors in your home is choosing the right flooring material for your particular lifestyle and budget. With so many options on the market, each with their own pros and cons, it is often challenging to sort through it all and make the final call.
If you have ever wondered what all the excitement over laminate flooring is all about, this quick list of reasons why you should consider it for your next project, as it should be a good jumping-off point for you. Here's what you need to know about laminate flooring!
Laminate is actually made of wood
A lot of people don't realize that laminate flooring is made mostly from wood products. This makes laminate an excellent choice for people who are looking for economical alternatives to traditional solid hardwood flooring, but still want to have a bit of the "feel" of wood that is often lacking in other wood alternatives such as LVT. It's an affordable, beautiful way to get the look and feel of wood without the cost.
Just remember that like all wood flooring materials, it is not very suitable for bathroom, mudroom, or kitchen applications, because of the risk of exposure to water. If you still want the look of wood in those rooms, you might want to go with wood-look LVT, or another waterproof faux-wood solution.
Laminate is extremely durable
Laminate flooring is engineered to be beautiful, but also extremely durable. Laminate flooring is treated with durable chemical coatings, called wear layers that protect the floor from damage from heavy foot traffic and dents, dings, and scratches from sharp impacts.
If your home has heavy foot traffic, rowdy children, or pets with claws, this durability is an extremely desirable trait that you should consider when making your flooring choices.
Dragon Scale Flooring has a wide selection of laminate available
When it comes to choosing flooring, seeing is believing. The best way to find the right floors for your home is to experience them in person, and ask a flooring expert about them in real-time. If you'd like to arrange for a free, no-obligation flooring consultation and estimate, simply contact our showroom in Laurel, MD, to get started!
We'd love to help you find the best flooring fit for your lifestyle and budget. Contact us today to get started!