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Three Reasons Why We Love Carpet

When you think about the most desirable flooring materials to have in your home, you undoubtedly land on carpeting as one of the top picks. We all know that carpet is soft, attractive, and that it lends an air of comfortable elegance to any room. As incredible as these traits are, carpet still has a few secret weapons up its sleeve when it comes to earning our affection.

Dragon Scale Flooring put together this quick guide to some of the lesser-known reasons why carpeting is so great. Take a look and find out what you've been missing out on!

Safety First!

Aside from its softness, carpeting is also slip-resistant. When you combine these two attributes, you can see why carpeting is considered one of the safer flooring options out there. You are less likely to have a slip and fall accident and, even if you do, the flooring is so soft that it can cushion the impact of falls and prevent injury. This makes it perfect for homes with elderly family members, or young children who are at increased risk of falling and injury in the event of a fall.

Peace and Quiet

Carpet in your home can go a long way toward cutting down on noise pollution. It acts as a sonic insulator that absorbs sound, and prevents its transmission through the flooring to the rooms below. It also prevents echoes in larger rooms by absorbing sound instead of reflecting it, as a hard-surface floor would. If you value peace and quiet, you should seriously consider laying down some fiber over those hard, echoing floors!

Healthy Choices Make Healthy Homes

Carpeting can also improve the cleanliness of your home's air, and promote better respiratory health, especially among those with ailments of the lungs. Carpet traps airborne pollutants in the fiber until they can be safely vacuumed up.This means you can keep all of that pollen, dust, and dander down in the pile of your floor, instead of floating in the air or agitating your lungs. This fact alone makes carpeting almost essential for homes with family members who suffer from chronic respiratory conditions.

Are You Thinking Carpet Might Be Right for You?

If you're looking into flooring options for your home, Dragon Scale Flooring would love to help! We have a vast selection of carpeting on hand to choose from, as well as just about any other flooring material you can think of! Simply call, email, or stop by our showroom in Laurel, MD, to have a look around and arrange for your free consultation and estimate. Our staff is always on hand to answer any questions that you might have, and to help you find the perfect floors for your style and budget! Why wait? Contact us today and find out why Dragon Scale Flooring is the area's most trusted name in flooring!