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luxury vinyl tile flooring

Understanding Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Flooring can be confusing so, once and for all, Dragon Scale Flooring is going to simplify it. Luxury vinyl floor (LVF) is a stylish and budget-friendly alternative to wood, stone or tile. It looks just like it, and it’s available in a wide range of colors, patterns, design and species. Nevertheless, it is vinyl and not the “real” thing.

This flooring type comes in different forms: Wood-look is cut into planks and is called luxury vinyl plank (LVP). Stone or tile looks can be cut into tile-sized pieces and is called luxury vinyl tile (LVT).

Here’s What Luxury Vinyl Floor is:

It is: LVF is a product that is made up of multiple layers. The primary component (core) is PVC vinyl, so it’s a little more flexible than other hard-surface floors. There is a clear, incredibly realistic photographic layer, and a tough wear layer on top to protect it all.

It isn’t what you may remember from decades ago, and we can thank modern technology and high resolution photography for that. Luxury vinyl flooring also isn’t laminate. While both are extremely fashionable, people tend to mix them up. They are constructed differently, with laminate’s core being constructed of high-density fiberboard.

It is: Luxury vinyl flooring is durable and 100 percent impervious to water. In fact, it is so tough, it’s often recommended for kids’ rooms, because it won’t scratch from pull-toys. Markers, crayons and lipstick wipe right off.

This is also one of the best floor coverings for pet owners. First, it is so because of the waterproof properties; there are no worries about toppled water dishes.

Second, and really most important, LVF offers good traction, and traction, not accidents, are the biggest worry for pet owners.

The material has enough grip, so an animal can’t slide, slip or bang into walls which can really hurt her. This is especially a concern for people with senior animals. Pets will always be stable on this flooring.

It is: Luxury vinyl flooring is very easy to care for. Just sweep, wipe with a damp cloth and, for deeper cleaning, use a manufacturer-approved soap.

Come into the Dragon Scale Flooring showroom in Laurel, MD, and we can address any other concerns that you may have.