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carpet installation

Using carpet to decorate

How to give your home that “wow” factor - we'll give you some hints.
Imagine this: You move into your new house, townhouse or condo. It has carpet you’d like to change but, for whatever reason, you can’t switch it right now.
Just layer with a big, colorful rug, or a few carpet tiles stitched together, to create your own unique design! Make sure they complement each other, or they’ll clash and you’ll lose any sense of design unity.
Used well, any rug, whether or not you chose it, can pull an area together and visually change its mood or even size. The rug can either be the focal point and set a color scheme, or the accent to already-existing furnishings.
The floor is your personal expression of style
These days, with such a wide color palette and so many patterns and styles from which to choose, there’s just no reason for carpet not to be one of your main decorating tools.
Here are just some ideas from Dragon Scale Flooring on how to use it to advantage in your Laurel home:
1.Coordinate the carpet with color to either distract or unify. If the rug is a neutral like beige, move the eye away to focus on art, upholstery, colorful pillows, etc.
Alternatively, you can use color to unify a room; you can use soft colors around it, like white, on walls and tables to create a serene, airy feeling.
2.Remember, it’s not just for floors. Ever think of using a rug as a wall hanging? It adds color and texture and, if you want, use it to create an accent wall.
3.Use rugs to create room divisions. Say you want to section off part of the living room to use as a home office. The living room might have a hardwood floor, but you can have something different for the “office.” (NOTE: Again, make sure it complements the upholstery and other furnishings.)
4.Wishing for a larger room? Wall-to-wall can make an area look larger; since there are no seams, it doesn’t create any visual breaks.
Finally, remember that the soft surface comes in any shape, not just the rectangle, so you might want to use that to play around with your furniture grouping.
Feel free to come into the Dragon Scale Flooring showroom in Laurel, MD, to explore our expansive inventory.