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Why should I install luxury vinyl plank in my entrance foyer?

Why should I install luxury vinyl plank in my entrance foyer?

There are two reasons why you'd want this vinyl product in your entrance foyer. First, there's the idea of an indoor "curb appeal" to give people an idea of what they'll find when they walk further into your home. 

It is a luxury product, as it comes cut into strips and then put on boards to mimic a genuine timber plank. It's rich, elegant and comes in an assortment of colors, species, and textures, including glossy wood floors that you see in the design magazines!

Second, and most importantly, this product is completely waterproof as well as stain-resistant. Rather than letting people track dirt and moisture into the house, it gives those muddy, wet shoes a chance to wipe and dry off. It's easy to clean, so there won't be much effort needed on your part. 

The wonder of vinyl plank

This luxury product offers:

    • Style: This vinyl isn't at all what you may remember from years ago when the designs were somewhat limited. Today, thanks to modern technology, the images are clear and accurate. Texturing gives it added depth and dimension so, rather than flat images, you now have wood-looks that are hand-scraped, wire-brushed, distressed or antiqued.

The seams of each plank give it even more realism. (Note: don't be fooled by those bargain-basement prices; the material might be too thin or the image subpar.)

    • Durability: This is a layered product and, while vinyl itself is always tough, the luxury version has a strong clear wear layer that will protect each plank from scratches and stains. It's impossible to "walk-off" the image and, of course, it's completely waterproof.
    • Easy care: Just sweep, vacuum (preferably with a soft brush attachment) and run a mop over it periodically. Stains are easily removed. The luxury of not having to scrub!
    • Easy installation. This is DIY-friendly if you're so inclined. The vinyl "floats" over most existing floors and each plank can click together. Or, if you prefer sheet-form, you can use the glue-down method.

A plank can also be of a stone or tile image and, of course, vinyl is a more budget-friendly option.

Feel free to come into the Dragon Scale Flooring showroom in Laurel, MD for more inspiration.