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Luxury vinyl in Laurel

Will my home be as stylish with luxury vinyl flooring?

Absolutely! We think the hesitancy is probably coming from our memories from decades ago when it was first introduced as an economy flooring, but modern technology has made the vinyl evolve into an affordable luxury product. It can be cut into planks or tiles, and texturing gives it depth and dimension; no more flat image!

Perfect planks

Wood-look flooring is predicted to be a trend in 2020. It’s actually not new since people have been doing it a while, but the wood-look floors, more and more, are taking the industry by storm.

Say your heart is yearning for hardwood, but your budget won’t allow it. You can still get an amazingly realistic wood look with this vinyl. The addition of features, making it look wire-brushed, antiqued, distressed give it a final boost of luxury.

Example: Gray and white-washed floors have been trending this year, and that’s not expected to end anytime soon. With vinyl cut into planks, and those planks can be wide, another trend, you can get that oh-so-popular farmhouse look in your kitchen.

More popular trends are the cool browns, as well as the rustic-style/organic-toned decorating. No reason you can’t get those looks, either. Now that’s luxury!

What’s up with LVT?

LVT stands for luxury vinyl tile.

Two popular styles are the combination of extremes, such as white and dark, as well as retro. It’s predicted in 2020 that personalized style will be hot. When cut into tile-sized pieces, you’ll be able to mix and match to create your own style, and perhaps even make your flooring a focal point.

Other reasons to love it

It is ultra-durable. This flooring is a layered product and the top sheet is a clear plastic wear layer that protects against scratches, stains, and liquids. It’s ideal if you have kids because nothing seems to faze it; crayons, markers, lipstick, etc. are easily removed. This is a completely waterproof flooring. While wood is damaged by excess water, you can have the look of wood without the worry.

It is easy to care for. Just sweep or vacuum and for a more thorough cleaning, use a manufacturer-approved detergent. Installation is easy. It floats over existing floors (with a few exceptions) and the pieces just click together like a puzzle.

For more information, feel free to visit the Dragon Scale Flooring showroom in Laurel, MD.