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Your hardwood flooring is closer than you think

Your hardwood flooring is closer than you think

Your hardwood flooring is closer than you think

When it’s time to choose a floor covering for your home, remember that hardwood is always a practical option. It can provide you with a timeless yet elegant look as well as a lifespan that could easily exceed 100 years with proper care.

It’s a durable option for many spaces, offering hard-wearing stability for even busy spaces such as the living room and hallway. It’s just as perfect for more private areas as well, like bedrooms and studies. No matter where you need flooring, this material is likely a good choice.

All the hardwood products and information you need

There are many things to think about when hardwood flooring is your material of choice. The good news is you don’t have to go through any of it alone. We know you have questions about which species to choose, whether barriers are needed, and how they’ll stand up to cleaning.

We also know that once these floors are in place, you’re going to love the way they look and feel. The durability means that your chosen species will perform under even the heaviest traffic, while proper cleaning and maintenance help them reach their full lifespan potential.

If you’re worried about trend changes, you’ll be happy to know that wood floors can outlive most of them. This classic elegance works well with every style, from rustic to fully modern, and everything in between.

Solid materials can never be installed below grade, in spaces such as basements, but engineered flooring makes a great alternative for these rooms. You’ll also want to ask about the specific acclimation periods for your materials.

Hardwood flooring our way

Dragon Scale Flooring is pleased to serve you from our Laurel, MD showroom. When you visit us there, our associates will make sure your needs are addressed with care and dedication. We’ll help you browse our many options and even help with advice to make the experience smoother.

We not only offer professional flooring and professional service, but we offer only professional installations as well. For all your flooring needs, be sure to visit Dragon Scale Flooring at your convenience.